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Mission Statement:  Protect the interests of those doing business with Iowa chartered banks, licensed financial services providers, and licensed professionals through regulation that ensures safety, soundness, and adherence to applicable laws.

Vision Statement: Ensure that Iowans have access to a fair and competitive marketplace for regulated financial and professional services.

Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau Newsletter

Bureau Administrative Rules – IAC Chapter 193

2021 PLB Rule Changes

The Iowa Professional Licensing & Regulation Bureau (originally a division itself created in 1986 by state reorganization) became a bureau of the Iowa Division of Banking in July 2006.  The division is headed by the Superintendent of Banking who appoints and supervises staff that provides administrative support and coordinates activities for six professional licensing boards.  Each board is responsible for establishing and enforcing standards for licensure, certification, or registration, and investigating complaints. The standards generally include initial education, experience, an examination, continuing education, and practice review.

The six professional licensing boards are:

  • Accountancy Examining Board
  • Architectural Examining Board
  • Engineering and Land Surveying Examining Board
  • Interior Design Examining Board
  • Landscape Architectural Examining Board
  • Real Estate Commission

The Real Estate Appraiser Examining Board moved from PLB to the Iowa Division of Banking, Finance Bureau on January 1, 2017.

Boards are generally made up of five from the profession and two public members (not from the profession).  There are approximately 32,000 licensees located both in-state and out-of-state.

PLB: Protecting the public through licensing and regulation of defined professionals in the State of Iowa. | (515) 725-9022

PLB Staff
Site Manager, Lori SchraderBachar
Accountant, Teresa Stull
PLB Investigator, Renee Paulsen

Accountancy Examining Board
Executive Officer, Robert Lampe
Licensing Specialist, Kimberly Gleason

Architectural Examining Board
Board Administrator, Lori SchraderBachar
Licensing Specialist, Danielle Bartkiw

Engineering/Land Surveying Examining Board
Executive Officer, Robert Lampe
Licensing Specialist, Kimberly Gleason

Interior Design Examining Board
Board Administrator, Lori SchraderBachar
Licensing Specialist, Kimberly Gleason

Landscape Architectural Examining Board
Executive Officer, Jill Simbro
Licensing Specialist, Kimberly Gleason

Real Estate Commission/Sales & Brokers
Executive Officer, Jeff Evans
Licensing Specialist, Danielle Bartkiw
Education Director, Jill Simbro
Background Coordinator, Ashley Thompson
Trust Account Auditor, Colleen Goddard


Iowa Division of Banking/Finance Bureau: Real Estate Appraiser Board
Executive Officer, Brandy March






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