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Disciplinary Index

As of September, 2017 disciplinary action against licensees can be accessed via an online search by licensee at

Disciplinary action against non-licensees and discipline against licensees prior to September 2017 may be found in this index. 

Case Number Last Name/Firm First Name Year Document
acct 17-18 Jensen Bruce 2018 PDF icon Jensen, Bruce Case #acct 17-18.pdf
acct 18-05 Honkamp Krueger 2018 PDF icon Honkamp Krueger 18-05 2018.pdf
Acct 18-01 Schweir Bret 2018 PDF icon Schweir, Brett M 18-01.pdf
Acct 18-21 McGowan Hurst Clark & Smith 2019 PDF icon McGowan Hurst Clark & Smith 18-21.pdf
Acct 18-01 Schweir Bret 2019 PDF icon Schweir, Bret M 18-01.pdf
Acct 18-20 Stein Joseph 2020 PDF icon Stein, Joseph Amended 18-20 2020.pdf
Acct 19-05 Bruder Kevin 2019 PDF icon Bruder, Kevin 19-05.pdf
Acct 19-04 Geerts Brian 2019 PDF icon Geerts, Brian 19-04.pdf
Acct 19-02 Hinspeter Brian 2019 PDF icon Hinspeter, Brian 19-02.pdf
Acct 19-06 Mohr Jonathan 2019 PDF icon Mohr, Jonathan 19-06.pdf
Acct 19-01 Kinning Michelene 2019 PDF icon Kinning, Michelene 19-01.pdf
Acct 19-10 Faudel Carrie 2019 PDF icon Faudel, Carrie 19-10.pdf
Acct 19-07 Johnson Jeremiah 2019 PDF icon Johnson, Jeremiah 19-07.pdf
acct 20-07 Gardiner & Co 2020 PDF icon Gardiner & Co 20-07.pdf


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