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Architect Reinstatement Information

Reinstatement of Lapsed Licensure to Active Status

An individual may reinstate a lapsed certificate of licensure to active status as follows:

  • Complete the reinstatement form, which can be accessed online. New and returning users should click on "Log in to My Iowa PLB" at the top of the page. 
  • Pay $200 (current renewal fee) The fee is valid until the next renewal date and is not pro-rated, thus if an applicant applies in May for a registration that should be renewed by June 30, the license may be valid for less than two months. Individuals whose last name begins A-K renew in even numbered years; L-Z renew in odd numbered years.
  • Pay the reinstatement fee of $100 plus $25 per month or partial month* of expired licensure up to a maximum of $750.

*All applicants for reinstatement shall be assessed the $100 reinstatement fee. The $25 per month shall not be assessed if the applicant for reinstatement did not, during the period of lapse, engage in any acts or practices for which an active architect license is required in Iowa.

Falsely claiming an exemption from the monthly fee is a ground for discipline; in addition, other grounds for discipline may arise from practicing on a lapsed certificate, license or permit to practice.

  • Submit documented evidence of completion of 24 continuing education hours, which should have been reported on the June 30 renewal date on which the applicant failed to renew, and 12 continuing education hours for each year or portion of a year of expired licensure up to a maximum of 48 continuing education hours.

All continuing education hours must be completed in health, safety, and welfare subjects acquired in structured educational activities and be in compliance with requirements in 193B—Chapter 3. The continuing education hours used for reinstatement may not be used again at the next renewal.

Out-of-state residents may submit a statement from their resident state’s licensing board as documented evidence of compliance with their resident state’s mandatory continuing education requirements during the period of nonregistration. The statement shall bear the seal of the licensing board. Out-of-state residents whose resident state has no mandatory continuing education shall comply with the documented evidence requirements outlined in this subrule.

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