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Disciplinary Index


As of September, 2017 disciplinary action against licensees can be accessed via an online search by licensee at


Disciplinary action against non-licensees and discipline against licensees prior to September 2017 may be found at the Disciplinary Index link. 

Case Number Last Name/Firm First Name Year Document
88-03 Hartig Robert PDF icon Hartig, Robert 88-03.pdf
06-03 Harper Doyle PDF icon Harper, Doyle 06-03.pdf
90-14 Gullett Clifford PDF icon Gullett, Clifford 90-14.pdf
05-04 Greenway David PDF icon Greenway, David 05-04.pdf
13-04 Gotwals Brian 2013 PDF icon Gotwals, Brian 13-04.pdf
90-04 Fjare Milford PDF icon Fjare, Milford 90-04.pdf
90-04 Fjare Milford PDF icon Fjare, Milford 90-04.pdf
00-11 Faust Harlan PDF icon Faust, Harlan 00-11.pdf
06-05 Ericsson Lawrence PDF icon Ericsson, Lawrence 06-05.pdf
00-12 Elting Douglas PDF icon Elting, Douglas 00-12.pdf
04-18 Dyck James PDF icon Dyck, James A. 04-18.pdf
94-04 Design Builders Ltd. PDF icon Design Builders Ltd 94-04.pdf
13-07 Davis Robert 2013 PDF icon Davis, Robert 13-07.pdf
97-12 Abend Stephen PDF icon Abend, Stephen 97-12.pdf
96-02 Ahmann Design PDF icon Ahmann Design 96-02.pdf
96-15 Akkurt Hasan PDF icon Akkurt, Hasan 96-15.pdf
00-9 Ankeny Ronald PDF icon Ankeny, Ronald 00-9.pdf
98-15 Billman Jim PDF icon Billman, Jim 98-15.pdf
98-15 Ballensky Drew PDF icon Ballensky, Drew 98-15.pdf
01-05 Barrett James PDF icon Barrett, James 01-05.pdf


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