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File a Complaint

Below is  information detailing how complaints against real estate licensees and people practicing real estate without a license are processed. 

  1. The Real Estate Commission will investigate signed written complaints concerning a real estate licensee or firm, and complaints of unlicensed practice of real estate for which a license is required. The allegation must contain probable cause to believe that a license law or rule may have been violated. The Commission has jurisdiction only if a licensed real estate agent or an unlicensed individual was involved in an Iowa transaction.
  2. If the Commission determines that a license law or rule has been violated, the Commission can take appropriate action against the licensee or unlicensed.
  3. The Commission is not authorized to settle contract problems, recover losses, expenses, repair costs, legal fees, or to order the return of earnest money deposits. These are legal matters that may have to be settled in the appropriate court.
  4. The Commission and staff are not attorneys and are prohibited by Iowa law from providing legal advice. If you need advice and guidance to determine what course of action to take, you will have to consult with your attorney.
  5. Please DO NOT call the Commission office to check on the status of your complaint. Written notification will be sent to you when an investigation has been initiated by this office and again after a determination has been made. Please be patient. The complaint process can take from 6 to 9 months or longer, depending upon the number and complexity of complaints being investigated. If formal charges are filed, a hearing may be necessary.

How to File a Complaint

Fill out our electronic form to file a complaint for an individual who has a real estate license.  Be sure to attach documentation that will support your complaint.