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Reciprocity Licensing

An applicant may qualify for licensure by reciprocity based upon their active license from another state.  The applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of AR, GA, LA, MA, MN, MS, or ND
  • Received their original license from that state
  • Will have their Iowa license assigned to the same real estate company that holds that license.

The steps in obtaining your Iowa license are:

  • Submit to a state and national criminal history background check through the Iowa Real Estate Commission.
  • Contact your state licensing agency to request certificate of license history (letter of good standing) be sent to you.  This document must also include the method of licensure (exam, reciprocity, other, etc.) and what real estate company holds your license.

Once you have your certificate of license history and have knowledge that your criminal history background check is complete you can submit your application electronically through your "My Iowa PLB" contact.  You must attach the following (PDF format preferred) to your application:

Your original certificate of license history and  proof of errors and omissions insurance coverage in Iowa.

Broker officers will also need to license their firm if the firm is not yet licensed in Iowa.  Please contact the Commission office (515-725-9027) for more information.

If you have any questions about real estate licensing please contact our Licensing Specialist at 515-725-9027 or by e-mail to

If you do not meet all the requirements for licensure by reciprocity see how to receive licensure by Administrative Rule 5.3.

If I’m licensed in another state what do I need to apply in Iowa by substantial equivalency?

193A—9.1(542) Iowa CPA certificate required. A person who holds a certificate or license to practice as a CPA in another state or a substantially equivalent designation from a foreign jurisdiction may apply to the board for an Iowa CPA certificate and must do so if the person plans to establish the person’s principal place of business as a CPA in Iowa.

 Please read and understand Iowa Administrative Rules 193A and Iowa Code 542.