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Iowa Architectural Examining Board

Seal and Certificate of Responsibility


Description of seal: The diameter of the outside circle shall be approximately 1¾ inches. The seal shall include the name of the licensed architect and the words “Licensed Architect”. The Iowa license number and the word “Iowa” shall be included. The seal shall substantially conform to the sample shown below.

A legible rubber stamp or other facsimile (electronic or digital) of the seal may be used. Every licensed architect is required by Iowa law to obtain a seal (or stamp) which shall have their name, LICENSED ARCHITECT, IOWA, and license number on it. For newly licensed architects, the “ARC” at the beginning of the license number is not needed on the stamp.

The seal and certification may be applied electronically or by legible rubber stamp. Information requested in each information block must be typed or legibly printed. THE SIGNATURE MUST BE APPLIED IN PERMANENT CONTRASTING INK OR BY DIGITAL SIGNATURE AS DEFINED AND GOVERNED BY IOWA CODE 554D.

Seal and certificate of responsibility from 193 B Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 4

Following is a sample of the wording of the architect information block which should be used on each technical submission:


I hereby certify that the portion of this technical submission described below was prepared by me or under my direct supervision and responsible charge. I am a duly licensed architect under the laws of the state of Iowa.







Printed or typed name____________________________________


License number_________________________________________


My license renewal date is June 30,__________________________


Pages or sheets covered by this seal: ________________