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Architecture Guidance 2020 05

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Guidance regarding effect of regulatory suspension of Iowa Code § 544A.8 and
Iowa Admin. Code rule 193B-2.3 establishing examination deadlines as a condition of initial licensure for architects effectuated by
Governor Reynolds' Proclamation of Disaster Emergency dated May 6, 2020.


On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, Governor Reynolds issued a Proclamation of Disaster Emergency providing for, among other things, Additional Professional Licensure Relief as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19. Proclamation of Disaster Emergency [hereinafter Proclamation], §§ 15-18 (May 6, 2020),

The Proclamation provides relief by, among other things, suspending the requirement that architects who have passed one or more but not all of the divisions of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Architect Registration Examination (ARE) but not all divisions  must pass each remaining division within a rolling five-year period in order to be eligible for licensure.  Id. § 15; see Iowa Admin Code r. 193B-2.3(4); Iowa Code § 544A.8. Governor Reynolds directed the Iowa Architectural Examining Board (Board) to provide additional guidance to applicants for initial licensure regarding the effect of this suspension.  In light of and consistent with the foregoing, the Board hereby issues the following Guidance regarding the effect of this suspension.

1. Applicants for Iowa licensure who have passed one or more but not all divisions of the ARE have an additional ninety days and six months added to the five-year rolling period to pass each of the remaining divisions for all applicants who passed one or more of the divisions of the ARE prior to April 9, 2020.  See NCARB, Update on NCARB Services, (updated April 23, 2020),

2. Should NCARB grant further extensions to the ARE rolling period, the Board grants those extensions to all applicants for Iowa licensure as if they were fully laid out herein.

3. To the extent any provision in this Guidance is inconsistent with a provision in the Proclamation, the provision of the Proclamation shall prevail.

4. Unless specifically included or addressed within this Guidance, all other regulatory requirements enforced or administered by the Board shall remain in full force and effect. In addition, other than the requirements specifically identified and addressed in this Guidance, nothing contained in this Guidance shall be construed as an exemption from any other portion of the Iowa Code or Iowa Administrative Code.

5. If additional allowances from Board rules outside of the scope of the rules or issues addressed by this Guidance are required due to circumstances relating to COVID-19, such allowances shall be handled as individual petitions for waiver or variance from Board rules pursuant to and in accordance with Iowa Administrative Code chapter 193—18.

6. The provisions of this Guidance shall be effective immediately, as of the date of signature, below, and shall extend coterminous with the Proclamation, including any extensions thereto, unless and solely to the extent otherwise stated herein or unless otherwise extended by subsequent order of the Board in a manner consistent with and permitted by the Proclamation.


Issued this 7th day of May, 2020


Iowa Architectural Examining Board:

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