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Iowa Architectural Examining Board - November 18, 2021 Minutes

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200 E. Grand, Suite 350, Des Moines | Bureau Conference Room

Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.

Board Members present for all or part of the meeting:

Tandi Brannaman, via Zoom

Anna Harmon

Scott Hatfield

Ted Nahas, via Zoom

Jerry Purdy

Board Members not present:

Bobbi Jo Duneman

Dan Dutcher

Staff present for all or part of the meeting:

Lori SchraderBachar, Bureau Chief

Danielle Bartkiw, Licensing Specialist

Renee Paulsen, PLB Investigator

Caroline Barrett, AAG, via Zoom


Ljerka Vasiljevic, State Fire Marshal’s Office

Call to Order

Call to Order by 10:30 a.m.

Quorum was established.

Introductions were made.

Agenda Changes – Item #6 will not be discussed as the application was not received.

Motion by Harmon to approve the open and closed session minutes of September 16, 2021.

Seconded by Purdy.

Vote:     Aye:       All                           Nay:       None                     Abstaining:         None

Motion passed.

Administrative Reports

Assistant Attorney General: Barrett had nothing to report.

Board Executive/Site Manager: SchraderBachar asked members to have their per diems signed and returned to her. SchraderBachar shared two documents on the board’s Google drive with board members:  a report from NCARB on its data on Iowa candidates and architects and a report pertaining to the International Code Council and American Society of Interior Designers Partnership.  NCARB and CIDQ have done a joint project on exams and education for interior designers and architects that should be complete in the next couple weeks. SchraderBachar reports that the outreach with AIA Iowa and NCARB is on hold until NCARB resumes in-person travel.

Licensing Specialist: Bartkiw reports that from September 1, 2021 through October 31, 2021 there were 27 new licensees and 6 reinstatements.

Board Member Reports

Hatfield reported on the AIA Iowa Legislative Round table meeting, with 42 attendees at one point and nearly one dozen legislators. Hatfield reports he was not happy with the presentation and did not think the meeting was persuasive.

Harmon also attended the meeting and agreed that the presentation was not very compelling.

Purdy reports he has a referral for a peer reviewer, Michael Lewis, and will provide his contact information to SchraderBachar.

Public Comment


Discussion with State Fire Marshal’s Office

Discussion was led by Vasiljevic from the State Fire Marshal’s Office (FMO). Vasiljevic reports the Fire Marshal’s main concerns are the numerous designs/plans taking place without a required licensed architect. Much of this is due to COVID, resulting in schools and municipalities looking for more space. When these requests are made with the FMO, they discover many do not have plans from a licensed architect. The FMO has been reporting such cases to the Architect Board in hopes to resolve the issues and hinder future occurrences. However, Vasiljevic reports that the number of incidents is still too high. The FMO is very concerned for public safety and suggests an increase in fines/penalties.

After discussion with the board, Barrett responded with limitations for what the Board can legally do. The board discussed possible ways to educate Iowans, the possibility of new law for enforcement or a mechanism to better enforce or hold building code officials accountable for following the current statute and rules. Currently, Iowa statute limits the penalty for unlicensed practice of architecture to a $1,000 fine per instance. The board formed a task force for this effort, consisting of Harmon, Nahas, and Brannaman.

Vasiljevic left the meeting at 11:40 a.m.

Licensure by Verification Application Determination [tentative]

Item was not discussed as the application was not received.

Complaints & Discipline

Closed Session:

Motion by Brannaman to enter into closed session pursuant to Iowa Code section 21.5(1)(d) and 272C.6(4) at

11:41 a.m. to review pending licensee discipline cases and investigations, including any cases ready for final resolution through closure or consent order.

Seconded by Nahas.

VOTE: Roll call: Hatfield, aye; Brannaman, aye; Purdy, aye; Harmon, aye; and Nahas, aye.

Motion passed.

Open Session:

Motion by Purdy for the Board to return to open session at 12:01 p.m.

Seconded by Harmon.

Vote:     Aye:       All                           Nay:       None                     Abstaining:         None

Motion passed.

Case No. 21-18 was moved to closed session as a licensed architect is involved.

Upcoming Meetings & Last-Minute Comments

2022 Meeting Dates: January 20, March 17, May 19, July 21, September 15, and November 17


Hatfield adjourned the meeting at 12:03 p.m.