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Uploading Instructions

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Uploading Instructions

For best results, users should use Google Chrome as their web browser; however, Safari and Firefox are also supported browsers.

Prior to starting, make sure that you have saved your certificates. You can scan them all into one PDF and attach that single PDF or you can attach individual certificates individually.

General Overview:
In the Upload Submissions section you will be required to attach supporting documents (PDF format is preferred) for your respective application type, if applicable. In the Manage Submissions page, you will see the "Required" column. If there is a checkmark in that box, you MUST upload a document to that row. Instructions on how to upload submissions:
a. Click on “Upload” under the "Actions" column.
b. Click on “Choose File.”
c. Select the file that you are intending to upload and click on “Open” in the pop-up box.
d. Click on “Upload” again.
e. A message should appear in yellow stating "Attachment uploaded successfully."
f. Click on “Save” at the bottom of the page before you leave the Manage Submissions page.

Screen shots of each step:
1. On the My Iowa PLB ( page, click on the application number:
2. Click on “Upload Submissions”
3. Click on Upload:
4. Click on “Choose File”
Select the file you want to upload and click “Open”
5. Click on the small upload button:
6. You will see and success message:
7. Repeat for each document you wish to upload (if applicable).
8. When you have upload all the documents, click on “Save.”

Now when you look at your Submissions page, you will see the uploaded documents. Those document lines will not have an “Upload” in the “Actions” field, and a “View” in the “File Action List.’