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About the Board

The Landscape Architectural Examining Board was created in 1975. The law provides that the membership of the board consists of seven members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Five of these members must be professional landscape architects and two members must not be professional landscape architects who represent the general public.

Board Meetings Agendas and Minutes

Tentative Future Board Meeting Dates for 2021:

October 5, 2021

Landscape Architects



Ryan Anderson

Appointed May 1, 2021

Current Term Expires April 30, 2024

Jonathan Martin, Chair
Appointed May 1, 2014
Current Term Expires April 30, 2023







John Brehm

Appointed May 1, 2021

Current Term Expires April 30, 2024

Brenda Nelson
Iowa City
Appointed May 1, 2016
Current Term Expires April 30, 2022



Public Members


Nathan Borland

Appointed May 1, 2018
Current Term Expires April 30, 2022


Interested in becoming a board member?

The Governor and Lt. Governor are looking for qualified applicants who are strong believers in becoming an active voice in state government on more than 160 boards and commissions as openings become available.

If you find a position you are interested in, sign up and fill out an online application for consideration by the Governor and Lt. Governor.


Jill Simbro, Executive Officer, 515.725.9029

Kimberly Gleason, Licensing Specialist, 515.725.9021

Renee Paulsen, PLB Investigator, 515.725.9028

Caroline Barrett, Assistant Attorney General




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