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Disciplinary Index

As of September, 2017 disciplinary action against licensees also can be accessed via an online search by licensee at

Case Number Last Name/Firm First Name Year Document
13-294 Banwart Robert 2013 PDF icon Banwart, Robert 13-294.pdf
14-023 Barner Barton 2014 PDF icon Barner, Barton 14-023.pdf
14-048 Belloma Amy 2014 PDF icon Belloma, Amy 14-048.pdf
14-020 Bray Leria 2014 PDF icon Bray, Leria 14-020.pdf
14-040 Brian Randall Realty 2014 PDF icon Brian Randall Realty 14-040.pdf
13-225 Caldwell-Owen Erin 2013 PDF icon Caldwell-Owen, Erin 13-225.pdf
13-198 Caluzzi Robert 2013 PDF icon Caluzzi, Robert 13-198.pdf
14-019 Casady Nancy 2014 PDF icon Casady, Nancy 14-019.pdf
13-243 Cipale Charles 2013 PDF icon Cipale, Charles 13-243 2014.pdf
13-200 Duggan, Terrance Terrance 2013 PDF icon Duggan, Terrance 13-200.pdf
13-139 Faltis Matt 2013 PDF icon Faltis, Matt 13-139.pdf
13-273 Feller James 2013 PDF icon Feller, James 13-273.pdf
13-262 Grant Marcia 2013 PDF icon Grant, Marcia 13-262.pdf
14-037 Greene Michelle 2014 PDF icon Greene, Michelle 14-037.pdf
13-292 Hanson Barry 2013 PDF icon Hanson, Barry 13-292.pdf
14-002 Hartzler Chad 2014 PDF icon Hartzler, Chad 14-002.pdf
13-296 Heister Shane 2013 PDF icon Heister, Shane 13-296.pdf
14-017 Henderson Todd 2014 PDF icon Henderson, Todd 14-017.pdf
13-286 Hunziker Gary 2013 PDF icon Hunziker, Gary 13-286.pdf
14-015 Husman Chad 2014 PDF icon Husman, Chad 14-015.pdf


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