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Disciplinary Index

As of September, 2017 disciplinary action against licensees also can be accessed via an online search by licensee at

Case Number Last Name/Firm First Name Year Document
13-247 Jerde Janet 2013 PDF icon Jerde, Janet 13-247.pdf
14-010 Koll Carolyn 2014 PDF icon Koll, Carolyn 14-010.pdf
14-042 Lake Kathy 2014 PDF icon Lake, Kathy 14-042.pdf
13-277 Lindenman Wenlyn 2013 PDF icon Lindenman, Wenlyn 13-277.pdf
13-215 Martin Auction 2013 PDF icon Martin Auction 13-215.pdf
13-229 Mathis Sharon 2013 PDF icon Mathis, Sharon 13-229.pdf
14-036 McNamer Joe 2014 PDF icon McNamer, Joe 14-036.pdf
14-059 Mid-Continent 2014 PDF icon Mid-Continent 14-059.pdf
13-269 Miller Kristin 2013 PDF icon Miller, Kristin 13-269.pdf
14-016 Moen Jennifer 2014 PDF icon Moen, Jennifer 14-016.pdf
14-014 Neuendorf Brenda 2014 PDF icon Neuendorf, Brenda 14-014.pdf
13-285 Ott Joel 2013 PDF icon Ott, Joel 13-285.pdf
13-274 Perry Philip 2013 PDF icon Perry, Philip 13-274.pdf
13-109 Preul Ryan 2013 PDF icon Preul, Ryan 13-109.pdf
14-026 Radocaj Cindy 2014 PDF icon Radocaj, Cindy 14-026.pdf
13-271 Reber Matthew 2013 PDF icon Reber, Matthew 13-271.pdf
13-288 Redman David 2013 PDF icon Redman, David 13-288.pdf
13-283 Reiseter Karen 2013 PDF icon Reisetter, Karen 13-283.pdf
13-295 Richardson Kathryn 2013 PDF icon Richardson, Kathryn 13-295.pdf
13-263 Robinson Candace 2013 PDF icon Robinson, Candace 13-263.pdf


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