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On-Line Application Types

The Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau (PLB) recently transitioned to a new licensing database.  All applications will now need to be completed via online submission into the new licensing systems, called DataPro.

You will need to click on the "Login to my Iowa PLB" button found at the top of this page.   First time users need to create a login/contact for DataPro (aka "My Iowa PLB".)  DO NOT CREATE MORE THAN ONE LOGIN/CONTACT.  All users will then submit requests/changes/applications electronically.   If you have any issues or questions at that time or are looking to seek assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Commission staff. 

For best results, use Chrome web browser.  Please note Microsoft Explorer v11 is not supported. 
Click here to find out what browser you are currently using.

You will want to add, and to your contacts to avoid e-mails from DataPro being sent to your spam folder.

When documents (submissions) are required, the preferred type is PDF.

IMPORTANT:  If the firm or the broker sole-proprietor you will be assigned to has an Iowa license, you must have that number available.  (License format is FXXXXX000 for firm or BXXXXX000 for a broker sole-proprietor.)

Once you have submitted an application for review, the status of your application will be "Pending Internal Review."  Please allow, at a minimum, 7 - 10 business days for staff to complete their review of your application.  However, License Transfer applications for active licensees do take priority and licensees should expect these to be reviewed within 1 - 3 business days, assuming they are submitted successfully with the required documents. 

Description of Status of an Application - Once you have started or submitted an applicaiton within your "My Iowa PLB."

Below are the description of application types found on DataPro.  Some will also be linked to further instructions.  (Still under construction.)  These are not listed below in the same order listed when you go into your "My Iowa PLB." 

Criminal History Background/Fingerprint packet:

Criminal History Background Index for further information concerning the background process, including a FAQ link.

License applications:

Reinstatement applications:

Change of status or transfer:

  • Request to Change Affiliated Licensee Status to Inactive - This must be submitted by the employing broker to change the status of a licensee assigned to him/her to inactive status. A salesperson or broker associate cannot place their own license on inactive status.  The broker will be asked for the license number of the individual going inactive at the "Submit for Review" feature.
  • Change of Status from Inactive to Active - This must be submitted by the licensee that wants to change his/her status from inactive to active.
  • Transfer Form - To be submitted by the licensee that wants to transfer directly from his/her current company to another licensed company.

Change of Designated Broker of a Firm or Branch Office:

  • Request to Change Designated Broker - To be submitted only by a broker officer to change the designated broker (broker in charge) of either the main office or a branch office.

Closing of Offices or Cancellation of Licenses:

Trust Account Forms:

      First choose Other Application – Attach Scanned Copy of a Paper Version.  You will then need to attach the appropriate completed form:

If closing a trust account use this application type:
Notice of Closed Trust Account - Submit this whenever you close a trust account.

General Forms:

General – Request for Verification (License and/or Exam History)  This is the application to complete for those who need a Certification of Licensure or a License History.

General – Petition for Waiver from Administrative Rules

General – Request for Change of Legal nameTo change the legal name of an individual.  Will be required to provide proof of legal change.

General – Application to Apply Military Service to an Experience or Educational Requirement for Licensure


    Available only during the renewal cycle beginning November 16th of your renewal year.  

    • Renewal Application - Branch/Tradename/Additional Broker Officer
    • Renewal Application - Firm 
    • Renewal Application - Individual

    ​Request to sit for the exam in lieu of continuing education (July 1-Dec. 31 of the year of your expiration):

    You will need to complete the "Request for Exam Authorization Letter for Continuing Education for Renewal" application online.  Once your application is approved you will receive an email with the authorization letter.

    Education applications:

    • Authorized Course Application
    • Authorized Course-Provider Application
    • Authorized Instructor Application
    • Pre/Post Course Approval Request

    Other Application – Attach Scanned Copy of a Paper Version

              You will be required to attach a copy of an application you have compelted and saved on your electronic device.  Two examples are:

    Upload Instructions for applications

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