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Criminal History Background




10. An applicant for an initial real estate broker's or salesperson's license shall be subject to a national criminal history check through the federal bureau of investigation. The commission shall request the criminal history check and shall provide the applicant's fingerprints to the department of public safety for submission through the state criminal history repository to the federal bureau of investigation. The applicant shall authorize release of the results of the criminal history check to the real estate commission. The applicant shall pay the actual cost of the fingerprinting and criminal history check, if any. Unless the criminal history check was completed within the two hundred ten calendar days prior to the date the license application is received by the real estate commission, the commission shall reject and return the application to the applicant. The commission shall process the application but hold delivery of the license until the background check is completed. The results of a criminal history check conducted pursuant to this subsection shall not be considered a public record under chapter 22.


Frequently Asked Questions

To request a fingerprint packet please send an e-mail request  (  Be sure to include your name and mailing address.  This packet includes the required fingerprint card, waiver form and instructions.  You can also fax your request to 515-725-9032.  Requests for fingerprint packets must be in writing (by e-mail or fax) but if you have questions concerning the process please call 515-725-9035.  The fee to be submitted to the Iowa Real Estate Commission for the background along with the completed fingerprint card and waiver form is $51.00.

List of Completed Backgrounds as of 07-21-17 at 6:30 a.m.  This list is provided as a COURTESY only.  The applicants are mailed a letter directly.  Please be patient. 

Direct link to FBI-CJIS Division


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