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The Iowa Accountancy Examining Board Announces Accommodations Related to COVID-19

At a special meeting held on Friday, March 27, 2020, The Iowa Accountancy Examining Board voted to approve the following provisions related to COVID-19. The full document may be viewed here. Please revisit this website for updates. 

  1. The limit of online self-study has been lifted for the period of time as allowed by the Governor. Now through (updated) May 30, 2021, 100% of continuing education acquired may be online self-study. This provision may be extended for a longer period of time. Updates will be posted on this website.
  2. COVID-19 has affected CPA exam sites, creating potential problems for individuals who may lose exam credit as a result. Exam expiration dates will be extended until (updated) December 31, 2020 for all individuals identified by NASBA as at risk of losing an exam credit due to the limited availability at the testing centers.


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