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Only licensed CPAs or LPAs may practice public accountancy in the United States. Iowa’s Accountancy Board is the only agency able to revoke a license to practice in the State of Iowa. This site provides information about licensing and discipline.

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Discipline is in our online index. Search the index to locate information about a specific action.

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For information about accounting examination applications and fees, contact CPA Exam Services at 1-800-272-3926 or visit the NASBA website.

Fee / License Type  Associated Costs
CPA Firm Registration $100.00
LPA Firm Registration $100.00
Reciprocal-Substantial Equivalency Registration $100.00
Reciprocal-Substantial Equivalency Certificate suitable for framing $50.00
Duplicate CPA certificate suitable for framing $50.00
Application to Register Foreign License $100.00
Annual Registration and Renewal of Active CPA License $100.00
Annual Registration and Renewal of Inactive CPA License $50.00
Annual Registration and Renewal of Active LPA License $100.00
Annual Registration and Renewal of Inactive LPA License $50.00
Initial registration fee - CPA exam candidates to licensee status $100.00
License verification fee for forms from other jurisdictions $25.00

Board members, both drawn from the accounting profession and others, are appointed to serve by the Governor. State boards of accountancy have disciplinary and enforcement powers over licensees and operate on a complaint-based system.

To become licensed there are education, examination and experience components. To maintain a CPA license, continuing education requirements also must be fulfilled.  

Visit the Iowa Talent Bank for board member information.




Board Staff

Robert E. Lampe, Executive Officer—515.725.9024
Demetria Witt, Licensing Specialist—515.725.9021
Brad Horn, Assistant Attorney General


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            Pursuant to Executive Order 10, the Iowa Professional Licensing & Regulation Bureau will be reviewing its existing Administrative Rules in accordance with the schedule. More information about Executive Order 10 is available on the Department of Management’s website.

            Agency Rules Administrator

            The Agency Rules Administrator is the official responsible for the administration of the agency rulemaking process. If you have any questions about current or pending agency rules for the Board, contact the Agency Rules Administrator:

            Agency Rules Administrator
            Interior Design Examining Board
            200 E Grand Ave, Ste. 350
            Des Moines, IA 50309
            Phone: (515) 725-9022
            Fax: (515) 725-9033

            The Iowa Legislature has tools available in order to keep up-to-date with the rulemaking process.

            To submit an online application, log into My Iowa PLB.

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