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Department of Inspections, Appeals, & Licensing

Disciplinary Index - Architects

Case Number Last Name/Firm First Name Category Year Document
23-06 Pecord Phillip Architects
22-01 Pecord Phillip Architects
Arch22-06 Ross Timothy R. Architects
arch 21-04 Wygoda Shlomo Architects
arch20-07 Spiller James Architects
arch19-30 Bouma & Company, Inc. Architects
19-14 Carlson Robert C. Architects
arch 19-02 Cox Robert Architects
arch 19-23 Dinkins Paul Architects
arch 19-10 Emswiler Rick Architects
arch 19-03 Holst Martin Architects
Arch 19-37 Lee David J. Architects
Arch 19-35 Milani Italo Architects
Arch 19-39 Muntz Zane Architects